Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support phonics?

The Dyslexia Association supports phonics as a first step to reading for many children. However, there will always be children that do not thrive with this technique.

The Dyslexia Association supports an alternative should a child still be struggling with reading in year 3 and up. 

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Additionally, Dyslexia is much more than sounding out words. Dyslexia is also confusion with symbols, meanings of words and emotional reactions to the learning environment.

Will coloured paper or glasses help?

Coloured overlays or lenses are for a condition called Scotopic Sensitivity or Irlen Syndrome. Generally, this means a sensitivity to light and colour which can be relieved by coloured lenses or overlays.

Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome are separate conditions. A small percentage of people have both conditions.

Do you support the Davis method?

The Dyslexia Association recognises the pioneering work of Ron Davis. The Dyslexia Association is not a representative of DDAI or DDAP however we are proud to support these associations.

The Dyslexia Association supports an individual’s right to access information in order to make an informed decision for help they will ultimately commit to.

A book we recommend for sourcing information is, “When Your Child has …Dyslexia” by Abigail Marshall.

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