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About Us

The Dyslexia Association is a registered, non-profit organisation. The Founding Members of The Dyslexia Association are dyslexic people, parents with dyslexic children and experienced professionals who work successfully with dyslexic clients. We respect that other organizations share a passion for dyslexia and are committed to their cause. We ask that the same respect be shown to The Dyslexia Association for our passion for dyslexia, commitment to promoting a positive awareness and the right to seek alternatives.

Gail Hallinan, President

After 25 years in the classroom as an Infant/ Primary school teacher, I made a career move to Education Consultancy when I traveled to the US to study dyslexia. This need came about because I was unable to solve my youngest daughter’s literacy problems. During her primary years I examined and studied many methods to improve literacy. I realised that not only was my youngest daughter dyslexic, but my husband, eldest daughter and first grandson were as well. Thus I began my journey with Dyslexia.

My experience has taught me that our Education System has failed many people because not everyone fits the mould and most importantly not everyone learns the way the system thinks they should. I want to assist these people in finding the right way for them. I want to give them the key to unlock their own learning and potential.

Over the past twelve years I have facilitated many clients using a non-phonics based approach.  I have also conducted teacher workshops to enable classroom teachers to bring an effective literacy program to all their students. My workshops have been conducted in Sydney, Melbourne and Hervey Bay in Australia and Christchurch, Hamilton and Auckland in New Zealand.

My goal in life is to assist others to reach their full potential.  This can be achieved by reaching out to the community of people seeking a non-phonics based approach to dyslexia through positive advocacy, assessment and professional training.

Management Committee

Frank Johnston

Committee member Frank Johnston has been involved in education for 50 years… over 40 years as a teacher and principal mainly in Western Australian schools plus a few years as a supervisor assisting university students as they prepare to become teachers themselves.

Being able to effectively assist dyslexic students in the classroom has been a long term concern for Frank… until, while working as director of an international school in Peru, his attention was drawn to a Canadian family whose dyslexic 9 year old son achieved significant, positive results from a non-phonic resolution.

“Of course most students perform very well with traditional methods, but there are a few who, because they learn differently, must experience a different teaching style in order to find success. This was a successful answer to a problem with which all teachers grapple,” Frank said.

Frank is pleased to support the Dyslexia Association as a committee member and sees the incorporation of more non-phonic approaches in the classroom as an important goal of the organisation as well as a valuable addition to any teacher’s eclectic array of literacy strategies.


A word from our Professional Member and Newsletter Editor, Frank:

At last, after nearly 50 years as a teacher and a principal, I have found a very effective non-phonics approach for dyslexia...(become a member to read more)

The Dyslexia Association recognises the pioneering work of Ron Davis. The Dyslexia Association is not a representative of DDAI or DDAP, however we are proud to support these associations.


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